AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry

Build Collector as Debian

Build Collector as Debian

Run ADOTCollector Beta on Amazon EC2 Debian(ubuntu)

To run ADOTCollector on Amazon EC2 debian host, you can choose to install ADOTCollector Debian on your host by the following steps.


  1. Login on AWS Debian EC2 host and download aws-otel-collector source code and build Deb file with the following command.
git clone
make package-deb
  1. Install aws-otel-collector DEB by the following command on the host
sudo dpkg -i -E ./aws-otel-collector.deb
  1. Once DEB is installed, it will create ADOTCollector in directory /opt/aws/aws-otel-collector/

  2. We provided a control script to manage ADOTCollector. Customer can use it to Start, Stop and Check Status of ADOTCollector.

    • Start ADOTCollector with CTL script. The config.yaml is optional, if it is not provided the default config will be applied.
    sudo /opt/aws/aws-otel-collector/bin/aws-otel-collector-ctl -c </path/config.yaml> -a start
    • Stop the running ADOTCollector when finish the testing.
    sudo /opt/aws/aws-otel-collector/bin/aws-otel-collector-ctl -a stop
    • Check the status of ADOTCollector
    sudo /opt/aws/aws-otel-collector/bin/aws-otel-collector-ctl -a status
  3. Test the data with the running ADOTCollector on EC2. you can run the following command on EC2 host. (Docker app has to be pre-installed)

docker run --rm -it -e "otlp_endpoint=" -e "otlp_instance_id=test_insance" mxiamxia/aws-otel-metric-generator:latest