AWS Open Distro for OpenTelemetry

Build Collector as RPM

Build Collector as RPM

Run AWSOTelCollector Beta on AWS EC2 Linux

To run AWSOTelCollector on AWS EC2 Linux host, you can choose to install AWSOTelCollector RPM on your host by the following steps.


  1. Login on AWS Linux EC2 host and download aws-otel-collector source code and build RPM file with the following command.
git clone
make package-rpm
  1. Install aws-otel-collector RPM by the following command on the host
sudo rpm -Uvh ./aws-otel-collector.rpm
  1. Once RPM is installed, it will create AWSOTelCollector in directory /opt/aws/aws-otel-collector/

  2. We provided a control script to manage AWSOTelCollector. Customer can use it to Start, Stop and Check Status of AWSOTelCollector.

    • Start AWSOTelCollector with CTL script. The config.yaml is optional, if it is not provided the default config will be applied.
    sudo /opt/aws/aws-otel-collector/bin/aws-otel-collector-ctl -c </path/config.yaml> -a start
    • Stop the running AWSOTelCollector when finish the testing.
    sudo /opt/aws/aws-otel-collector/bin/aws-otel-collector-ctl -a stop
    • Check the status of AWSOTelCollector
    sudo /opt/aws/aws-otel-collector/bin/aws-otel-collector-ctl -a status
  3. Test the data with the running AWSOTelCollector on EC2. you can run the following command on EC2 host. (Docker app has to be pre-installed)

docker run --rm -it -e "OTEL_OTLP_ENDPOINT=" -e "otlp_instance_id=test_insance_rpm" -e "OTEL_RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTES=service.namespace=AWSOTelCollectorRPMDemo," -e S3_REGION=us-west-2 aottestbed/aws-otel-collector-sample-app:java-0.1.0

View Your Metrics You should now be able to view your metrics in your CloudWatch console. In the navigation bar, click on Metrics. The collected AWSOTelCollector metrics can be found in the AWSOTelCollectorRPMDemo/AWSOTelCollectorRPMDemoService namespace.

Installing AWSOTelCollector via CloudFormation

Install AWSOTelCollector on ECS EC2

Download CloudFormation template file for installing AWSOTelCollector on ECS EC2 mode

curl -O

Run CloudFormation the following command once IAMRole, Region, EC2Key and CFN_File_Downloaded are filled.

aws cloudformation create-stack --stack-name AWSOTelCollectorEC2-Test \
--template-body file://<CFN_File_Downloaded> \
--parameters ParameterKey=IAMRole,ParameterValue=${IAMRole} \
ParameterKey=KeyName,ParameterValue=${EC2Key} \
--capabilities CAPABILITY_NAMED_IAM \
--region ${Region}